Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Traitors in Green

Its human nature to admire what others have and do not take notice of what he owns. He prays to Allah to give him more but will never thank Him for everything he already has. Its very common to people of our country. We have been doing that since the birth of PAKISTAN.

I usually don't listen to local music. While flipping channels on TV I came across the episode of Coke Studio season 4 being aired. I stopped and watched it, and trust me it was a good treat to my ears. I was glad to see the talent Pakistanis have. The performances gave me goosebumps, specially of Jal's. I was deeply amused by their performance.

Subsequently, I dwelt upon the way we regard the local stuff. From staple goods to luxuries, from beauty products to hi-tech products, from a toy car to real cars; we fix upon imported stuff over local. Then we complain that the economy has devastated.

The same attitude is observed in our choice of music. I'll always listen Indian music because i have found Indian music to be more popular in Pakistan. Without ever giving it a listen I made up my mind that it would not amuse me. Despite of being a Pakistani, I would not pay heed to the assets of my very own country. And I am sure this is common to many people out there.

We know the complete biography of Bollywood and Hollywood film stars, but never care to learn about our film stars. We have their music on the tip of our tongue, crammed by heart, but local music is way far off from our lives. We have Indian songs being played in local weddings. Same happens on Radio shows. A child grows up listening to every kind of music except for Pakistani. And we expect Pakistan to do wonders. We cannot stop complaining about the flaws of our country, but did we ever think what are we doing for its prosperity ? First of all, we need to acknowledge and respect the work of Pakistanis, and feel proud of it. We should take interest in promotion of national creations and identify with it

You should not expect others to pay you respect if you don't have respect for your own self.

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