Tuesday, June 21, 2011

the dawn after a dark night . .

Life teaches best of the lessons in disguise . It is miraculous and way beyond the level of my understanding. It gives you way more when the least is expected from it. It goes hard with you, brings you at your worst; to make you learn how to rise back on your feet. It shines upon you when you surrender yourself to the dark in face of lacking of hope. It breaks you into tatters so that you could learn how to reinstate yourself. It leaves you withered and wakes you up to a new and brighter side of it. It never abandons you. With every new day, it gives you a chance to give yourself another chance to do better, to correct your mistakes, to bring back those whom you left yesterday, to wipe the tears of those whom you made to cry, to seek happiness, to laugh, to enjoy,

It was the end of year 2008, when my life had nearly come to an end. I was out of my mind with grief and pain. Life was at its worst. I had submitted myself to sorrows and tears. Dreariness had embraced me. Laughter as though had deserted me for good, as though I was sentenced to mourning. I would regard my life as a dead flesh. I was tested against the worst that could happen with me, what I was never ready for and I did not want to. I was IN to kill my life in face of what I received like a blow. I was deceived in love, I was broken.

I strained every nerve to reverse the state of things, but all my efforts came to nothing. To have him back was out of question. I kept trying until i realized that I was hoping against hope;I gave up on myself. I was surely dreading to accept the truth; reality gave me creeps. I wanted to be ignorant of the bitter truth, but I knew I could not live in denial for long. I was over head and ears in grief. Life had lost its charm, completely devoid of smiles and laughter and happiness. Engulfed by the sadness of separation, I confined myself to house. The wounds seemed incurable for lifetime, but TIME heals EVERY pain.

I gradually begun to move forward in life, leaving behind the pain I had gone through. I stepped out of the house to recover from the grief. I engaged into volunteer services at AKU. During the course of voluntary I made new friends, and in that period I was recovering. It was getting better. The marks of disastrous past on my life started to fade away. As time went by, I was resuming to breath, I was becoming substance. I decided to move on diligently. It was then when I made up my mind to work for the ambitions I had for myself; to be an MBA graduate from SZABIST.

Apparently, I could not make it. But life had it in store for me; it just wanted to surprise me. I got the admission, for I was put on the waiting list.And that I rejoiced on receiving the university admission letter, which was the key to CHANGE. I was restored to life on having this key in my hand, taken by the desire to lead a successful life and to make the most of it. I triumphed over the beginning of a completely new journey , excited to meet new people, to taste another new flavor of life. A new dawn was looking forward to me. Life embraced me once again, smiling at me. Sorrows and pains made their way to exit, joy and hopes made a comeback. The desire to live resurfaced.

Life is beautiful. When you think it has deserted you, it is actually gone to get for you a new dimension to look at, a new direction to walk in and a new path to take.

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