Thursday, June 16, 2011

paint your life with your own thoughts, not with those of others . .

Life is very precious, don’t waste it by just breathing it It is to life instead of fretting over petty thins officiously. Beginning each day with a hope to make the most out of it is making justice to that very day you are blessed with. It is important to realize how precious every single breath you take is, with looking at those who are fighting for their lives in hospitals. Breathing days aimlessly is not alright. To make everyday meaningful should be the purpose of life. You need not come up with out of the world ways to have that. At times little things have in it what big things don’t. And they are very easy to do; such as to befriend someone, to give water to thirsty, to help someone cross the road, to give food to hungry, to make someone smile, to be nice with everyone you come across, and it goes on. At times too little of the things make a big source of happiness. At times the big cannot do what the little does. Don’t gauge how big or small an act is with the amount of energy, money or time it takes to be done. Only your intentions make the difference.

Why is that we hesitate doing things in fear of being laughed at? Why is that performing or not performing of an act is subject to how others regard to it? Why is that we alter our mind about something under the influence of others’ views on it ? A fake living is dictated by others. Following your very thoughts is being original. Since we’re too busy at satisfying social and security needs, the state of self-actualization is completely overlooked. Self actualization is the need that tops the hierarchy of human needs proposed by Maslow, known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; it captures the desire of a human to become what he all along have been desirous of.

I’ve known people who apparently seem to be coming along smoothly in life with all the amenities one would ever want to have. But, there is still an urge that keeps them in agitation. A regret at submitting to others' will, for not pursuing what they wanted to. It’s the time when you’ll know that what you are today is not by choice. Perhaps it may seem too late to get where you wanted to be, but it’s not so! No matter how much time has gone by, it’s always better to be late than never.

However, it’s always better if you would not leave any room for regressions in future at decisions which you may have made under the sway of external influence. Assess your life today. Revert to the path you have deviated from. To dread failure is not the trait of people of achievement. There is no compassion without suffering. There is no gain without pain. People of achievement are not averse to hard work, notwithstanding the ruthless of the path that leads to pursued destiny. Finest of the things are the produce of painful processes.

It’s easy to become like others but difficult to make yourself different. Get along in life with your own ways which can make you to be remembered as a person who was different after you are gone!

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