Thursday, June 30, 2011

Put your dependency only on Allah

I lately watched a video titled 'Hardships and path to Allah', and I learned about a reality of life from it.

Everything that happens to us is for a reason, and nothing happens without the will of Allah. The events in your life can either you get closer to Allah or away from Allah. If a victory distances you with Allah, its a curse in disguise. If a tragedy gets you closer to Allah; that is the best that could have happened to you. One should not be attached with anyone except Allah.

While I was listening to it, the memories of my past crossed my mind, and I reminisced. I was trying to understand how the trying period of my past had affected my relationship with Allah.

It moved me closer to Him. I had been in deep grief over what had happened to me.But after watching that video, I came to realize that it was a false attachment that had come apart for which I had been mourning. I had been plunged in sadness over parting with that false attachment, and now I realize that it was Allah's way to get me closer to Him because that attachment was the biggest source of pain for me, and the only happiness lies in attachment with Allah.

Allah is great. If He subjects you to pain, he wills good for you. Do not create attachments with anyone other than Allah. He is the only source of compassion and happiness.

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