Monday, June 13, 2011

struggling. .

Holding the pen in my hand, I am beginning to write anything that comes to my mind. The urge to be good at expressing myself in words caused me to grab a pen and paper, and get started. I was not a big fan of writing until a year ago. I’ve been aspiring to become a good writer ever since.

I tried my hands at writing about thoughts that brewed on my mind then. When I was done, I took a review of what I wrote, and I fell short of my expectations. What I wrote didn’t seem to touch my heart. I had a tough time while I made that attempt. Phrasing of catchy sentences to make the whole interesting to read looked like a challenge for me. I could feel the animosity of words towards me. I could feel my brain on the verge of explosion while I was confused at making the right choice of words to use. I was so much in awe of my fellows’ mastery at writing that my work looked like a trash, compared with that of my fellows’. I was shafted. May be I was expecting too much of myself from the beginning, but that is also something good.

Later I came to realization that at least I tried to write, that I took a step to begin towards the aimed target, that I did not suppress in my heart the wish to write, that I was determined to the purpose, that I was courageous to try despite of my incompetency, that I believed in action and not just dreaming, that I took the challenge, that failures are inevitable on the way to success, that to raise back on your feet after a setback is the trait of successful people; that one should be best at everything one’s do.

No matter if I did poor in first go; I will not deter from giving myself as many chances as it may take to bring out the best within me. They say writers are born; I believe while there is a will they can be made.

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