Friday, June 24, 2011

The role of youth in the progress of a country is positive and significant. Youth makes up 65% of the total population of Pakistan.Therefore, their concerns should be of utmost importance for the Government and all those social workers who aim for the development of Pakistan.The founder of Pakistan Quaid -e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, regarded youth as the key to prosperity of our country. Despite of being the largest constituent of Pakistan's total population, their concerns do not seem to receive as much of the attention as it should. Of several youth related issues, major are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of financial assistance, competitive education system.

All of the above mentioned issues are connected with each other which ultimately lead to hindrance in progress of Pakistan. Both literates and illiterates are suffering from poverty; former due to lack of educational facilities or lack of financial assistance, and latter due to unemployment.

The unabated criminal activities, beggary, theft are also the breed of illiteracy. Due to lack of educational facilities and financial constraints they are forced to meet their ends by wrong means.Besides, many of the people from undeveloped areas take up low profile jobs like that of a house maid, sweeper etc. They could have made good doctors, engineers or scientists if they had not been able to garner education. I would not hold only the government responsible to take measures in this regard but also the business community which needs to realize their obligations towards society and be active in socially responsible actions which are conducive to the growth of business itself. This can be done by constructing schools, universities and employing quality teachers to provide quality education to students residing in impoverished areas. For students whose journey of education has come to a halt due to financial constraints, financial aid should be provided to them on easy terms. Besides more scholarships should be offered for the students who desire to pursue higher education.

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