Thursday, June 30, 2011

Put your dependency only on Allah

I lately watched a video titled 'Hardships and path to Allah', and I learned about a reality of life from it.

Everything that happens to us is for a reason, and nothing happens without the will of Allah. The events in your life can either you get closer to Allah or away from Allah. If a victory distances you with Allah, its a curse in disguise. If a tragedy gets you closer to Allah; that is the best that could have happened to you. One should not be attached with anyone except Allah.

While I was listening to it, the memories of my past crossed my mind, and I reminisced. I was trying to understand how the trying period of my past had affected my relationship with Allah.

It moved me closer to Him. I had been in deep grief over what had happened to me.But after watching that video, I came to realize that it was a false attachment that had come apart for which I had been mourning. I had been plunged in sadness over parting with that false attachment, and now I realize that it was Allah's way to get me closer to Him because that attachment was the biggest source of pain for me, and the only happiness lies in attachment with Allah.

Allah is great. If He subjects you to pain, he wills good for you. Do not create attachments with anyone other than Allah. He is the only source of compassion and happiness.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dejected . .

I have been going through the state of unrest for almost a month. There has something got in my mind, making me feel at unease. its poking me badly. More I try to ignore it, more my mind harps on it.

there are so many things I am looking forward to. And I wanna enjoy them to the fullest, only if my mind gets off that subject and let me be happy.

God, please have your mercy upon me. I love you =(

Friday, June 24, 2011

The role of youth in the progress of a country is positive and significant. Youth makes up 65% of the total population of Pakistan.Therefore, their concerns should be of utmost importance for the Government and all those social workers who aim for the development of Pakistan.The founder of Pakistan Quaid -e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, regarded youth as the key to prosperity of our country. Despite of being the largest constituent of Pakistan's total population, their concerns do not seem to receive as much of the attention as it should. Of several youth related issues, major are poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, lack of financial assistance, competitive education system.

All of the above mentioned issues are connected with each other which ultimately lead to hindrance in progress of Pakistan. Both literates and illiterates are suffering from poverty; former due to lack of educational facilities or lack of financial assistance, and latter due to unemployment.

The unabated criminal activities, beggary, theft are also the breed of illiteracy. Due to lack of educational facilities and financial constraints they are forced to meet their ends by wrong means.Besides, many of the people from undeveloped areas take up low profile jobs like that of a house maid, sweeper etc. They could have made good doctors, engineers or scientists if they had not been able to garner education. I would not hold only the government responsible to take measures in this regard but also the business community which needs to realize their obligations towards society and be active in socially responsible actions which are conducive to the growth of business itself. This can be done by constructing schools, universities and employing quality teachers to provide quality education to students residing in impoverished areas. For students whose journey of education has come to a halt due to financial constraints, financial aid should be provided to them on easy terms. Besides more scholarships should be offered for the students who desire to pursue higher education.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Traitors in Green

Its human nature to admire what others have and do not take notice of what he owns. He prays to Allah to give him more but will never thank Him for everything he already has. Its very common to people of our country. We have been doing that since the birth of PAKISTAN.

I usually don't listen to local music. While flipping channels on TV I came across the episode of Coke Studio season 4 being aired. I stopped and watched it, and trust me it was a good treat to my ears. I was glad to see the talent Pakistanis have. The performances gave me goosebumps, specially of Jal's. I was deeply amused by their performance.

Subsequently, I dwelt upon the way we regard the local stuff. From staple goods to luxuries, from beauty products to hi-tech products, from a toy car to real cars; we fix upon imported stuff over local. Then we complain that the economy has devastated.

The same attitude is observed in our choice of music. I'll always listen Indian music because i have found Indian music to be more popular in Pakistan. Without ever giving it a listen I made up my mind that it would not amuse me. Despite of being a Pakistani, I would not pay heed to the assets of my very own country. And I am sure this is common to many people out there.

We know the complete biography of Bollywood and Hollywood film stars, but never care to learn about our film stars. We have their music on the tip of our tongue, crammed by heart, but local music is way far off from our lives. We have Indian songs being played in local weddings. Same happens on Radio shows. A child grows up listening to every kind of music except for Pakistani. And we expect Pakistan to do wonders. We cannot stop complaining about the flaws of our country, but did we ever think what are we doing for its prosperity ? First of all, we need to acknowledge and respect the work of Pakistanis, and feel proud of it. We should take interest in promotion of national creations and identify with it

You should not expect others to pay you respect if you don't have respect for your own self.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Enjoy the license

its 4:42 a.m, and I am still up. Stalking a hilarious blog . .

I am not on alert to watch if anybody wakes up and catch me using PC this late. I have license to stay up all night. YES, the summer break.

Now, I shall continue reading the lately found blog. I am enjoying it =D

the dawn after a dark night . .

Life teaches best of the lessons in disguise . It is miraculous and way beyond the level of my understanding. It gives you way more when the least is expected from it. It goes hard with you, brings you at your worst; to make you learn how to rise back on your feet. It shines upon you when you surrender yourself to the dark in face of lacking of hope. It breaks you into tatters so that you could learn how to reinstate yourself. It leaves you withered and wakes you up to a new and brighter side of it. It never abandons you. With every new day, it gives you a chance to give yourself another chance to do better, to correct your mistakes, to bring back those whom you left yesterday, to wipe the tears of those whom you made to cry, to seek happiness, to laugh, to enjoy,

It was the end of year 2008, when my life had nearly come to an end. I was out of my mind with grief and pain. Life was at its worst. I had submitted myself to sorrows and tears. Dreariness had embraced me. Laughter as though had deserted me for good, as though I was sentenced to mourning. I would regard my life as a dead flesh. I was tested against the worst that could happen with me, what I was never ready for and I did not want to. I was IN to kill my life in face of what I received like a blow. I was deceived in love, I was broken.

I strained every nerve to reverse the state of things, but all my efforts came to nothing. To have him back was out of question. I kept trying until i realized that I was hoping against hope;I gave up on myself. I was surely dreading to accept the truth; reality gave me creeps. I wanted to be ignorant of the bitter truth, but I knew I could not live in denial for long. I was over head and ears in grief. Life had lost its charm, completely devoid of smiles and laughter and happiness. Engulfed by the sadness of separation, I confined myself to house. The wounds seemed incurable for lifetime, but TIME heals EVERY pain.

I gradually begun to move forward in life, leaving behind the pain I had gone through. I stepped out of the house to recover from the grief. I engaged into volunteer services at AKU. During the course of voluntary I made new friends, and in that period I was recovering. It was getting better. The marks of disastrous past on my life started to fade away. As time went by, I was resuming to breath, I was becoming substance. I decided to move on diligently. It was then when I made up my mind to work for the ambitions I had for myself; to be an MBA graduate from SZABIST.

Apparently, I could not make it. But life had it in store for me; it just wanted to surprise me. I got the admission, for I was put on the waiting list.And that I rejoiced on receiving the university admission letter, which was the key to CHANGE. I was restored to life on having this key in my hand, taken by the desire to lead a successful life and to make the most of it. I triumphed over the beginning of a completely new journey , excited to meet new people, to taste another new flavor of life. A new dawn was looking forward to me. Life embraced me once again, smiling at me. Sorrows and pains made their way to exit, joy and hopes made a comeback. The desire to live resurfaced.

Life is beautiful. When you think it has deserted you, it is actually gone to get for you a new dimension to look at, a new direction to walk in and a new path to take.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

paint your life with your own thoughts, not with those of others . .

Life is very precious, don’t waste it by just breathing it It is to life instead of fretting over petty thins officiously. Beginning each day with a hope to make the most out of it is making justice to that very day you are blessed with. It is important to realize how precious every single breath you take is, with looking at those who are fighting for their lives in hospitals. Breathing days aimlessly is not alright. To make everyday meaningful should be the purpose of life. You need not come up with out of the world ways to have that. At times little things have in it what big things don’t. And they are very easy to do; such as to befriend someone, to give water to thirsty, to help someone cross the road, to give food to hungry, to make someone smile, to be nice with everyone you come across, and it goes on. At times too little of the things make a big source of happiness. At times the big cannot do what the little does. Don’t gauge how big or small an act is with the amount of energy, money or time it takes to be done. Only your intentions make the difference.

Why is that we hesitate doing things in fear of being laughed at? Why is that performing or not performing of an act is subject to how others regard to it? Why is that we alter our mind about something under the influence of others’ views on it ? A fake living is dictated by others. Following your very thoughts is being original. Since we’re too busy at satisfying social and security needs, the state of self-actualization is completely overlooked. Self actualization is the need that tops the hierarchy of human needs proposed by Maslow, known as Maslow’s hierarchy of needs; it captures the desire of a human to become what he all along have been desirous of.

I’ve known people who apparently seem to be coming along smoothly in life with all the amenities one would ever want to have. But, there is still an urge that keeps them in agitation. A regret at submitting to others' will, for not pursuing what they wanted to. It’s the time when you’ll know that what you are today is not by choice. Perhaps it may seem too late to get where you wanted to be, but it’s not so! No matter how much time has gone by, it’s always better to be late than never.

However, it’s always better if you would not leave any room for regressions in future at decisions which you may have made under the sway of external influence. Assess your life today. Revert to the path you have deviated from. To dread failure is not the trait of people of achievement. There is no compassion without suffering. There is no gain without pain. People of achievement are not averse to hard work, notwithstanding the ruthless of the path that leads to pursued destiny. Finest of the things are the produce of painful processes.

It’s easy to become like others but difficult to make yourself different. Get along in life with your own ways which can make you to be remembered as a person who was different after you are gone!