Tuesday, June 8, 2010

one-night rainfall

After one night's downpour on Saturday, Karachi streets are occupied by rain water, pooled around. There is nothing new about the fact that the administrative authorities were not mobilised to face the aftermath, which inevitably emanates due to heavy rainfall. It forecasted a week ago, but the authorities apathy towards it, left several people afflicted and agitated. Adequate relief measures before hand could avoid adverse conditions to arise.
Most of what ails us during rains, is power failure. Many inhabitants were deprived of electricity not just for few hours but more than that. KESC people paid no heed to the complaints received and once again the plea of the afflicted people went unheard. Blockage of sewerage pipes directed water into homes, adding injury to the death.
We, Citizens, also need to realize our responsibilities and adopt preventive measures to protect our homes, shops and property and rather, do not pass the buck to administrative authorities to free ourselves from the obligations incumbent on us. We need to extend our help and assistance for our good, instead of cribbing for external succour. The tendency of being sluggish and depending on others, will lead us nowhere.

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