Sunday, June 13, 2010

Heart-denting accident

Fun land and amusement parks are meant to be a source of entertainment, offering a great deal to create gleeful and enchanting memories with your friends and family. One can never imagine that it would metamorphose into mourn and regret.
Yesterday listening to the bulletin, i came across a heart-rendering news; a 10 year old child's death due to swing breakage, which broke down because of excess air pressure in Islamabad. Thinking of his parents and the moanful situation they would have been going through, makes me tearful.This little tot who yearned to live the fascination of his childhood days, witnessed a death.
Manager of the park is taken under arrest. Rides have closed down for overhauling with proper security checks. Could it not be done before the occurrence of yesterday's dreadful accident? Strict laws should be formulated in connection to the safety and security of riders, liable authorities should get rigorously punished in case of any accident, to avoid the replication of such mishaps around the country.

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